Top Biotech Company Signs With R3M1X3D

Monday, February 28, 2011 – TissueNet, a leading specialty biologics manufacturer has selected R3M1X3D to re-develop the company’s marketing design, starting with a facelift of their current brand’s online presence.

“The goal is to position the visual identity to match TissueNet’s accomplishments, in tandem with effectively targeting its audiences. We are truly excited about the new partnership.”

For the initial phase, R3M1X3D will completely revitalize the look & feel, as well as the development platform of the website.

About TissueNet

Established in 1996, TissueNet has continued to create innovative products in the ortho-biologics field of medicine. As a result of their commitment in developing these new products for the patients they ultimately serve, TissueNet is proud to forward their keystone product: the UltraGraft™, a non-irradiated & sterile line of allograft tissue implants. Learn more at

About R3M1X3D

With locations in the U.S. and Canada, R3M1X3D is a full-service, multi‑disciplinary marketing design agency that focuses on the development of strategies & brands, and deploying them in print, broadcast and new media.  The agency is a marketing + design collective comprised of strategists, producers, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, musicians and other industry professionals.  Learn more at

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